About this website

Heini Walter (l.) with Remo Bader (r.)
January 2009

Mechanic Fritz Meier (l.) with Heini Walter (r.)
January 2009

I met Heini Walter for the first time at his restaurant in 1964, when I was ten years old. I went there many times with my parents or my uncle during the following years. The countless trophies, garlands and photographs which could be seen all over the restaurant impressed me the most. For me it was a great event to meet such a famous racing driver in person. When Heini Walter was there during our visits, he always came to our table to talk to us. Even then I appreciated his calmness and friendly nature. He always answered my questions and he also told us many stories about his races. I saw him only once while he was driving. That was at the St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers Hill Climb in 1967, where he came second behind Jo Siffert.

Then we were not in touch for some time, but we met again in the early 90's. In 1998 I decided to write a book about Heini Walter to honour the life and career of this extraordinary racing driver. Since the limited edition book has long been sold-out and as inquirys from interested motorsport fans keep coming in, it was a long held wish to create a website about him. The project started in January 2009 with the book serving as the basis. Unfortunately, Heini Walter passed away on May 12, 2009, shortly before the completion of this website. He therefore has not been able to see the result for himself. But I do hope that you will enjoy this website as much as Heini Walter did, when we presented him the first drafts of it.

Certainly, Heini Walter was one of the main reasons for my growing interest in car racing. But from the beginning I was more interested in the race drivers than in the technical part of car racing. I admired their courage, skill and their determination.

I would like to thank the following persons in particular for helping me to
create this website: Martin Kropik, my two sons Marcel and Daniel, as well
as my partner Margrit Deiss.

Remo Bader