Sauter DKW
1960 Dübendorf

In those two years, Heini Walter crowned his career by winning the European Hill Climb Championship twice with the Porsche RSK and RS 60. At the same time he won the Swiss Sports Car Championship in both years. In those years he also drove some Monoposto races in the then very popular Formula Junior with a Sauter-DKW designed by his friend Kurt Sauter, and in the Ecurie Hoba (founded by Dr. Alfred Hopf) with an MBM. The MBM was designed and built by the soon to become famous car designer Peter Monteverdi.
As many famous race drivers participated in different racing categories at the time, Heini Walter tried rally sport together with his friend Werner Lier as a co-driver. With a works Sunbeam they came 7th in the overall ranking of the Monte Carlo rally in 1960 and 1st in their class in the Semperit rally in 1963.


Porsche F1
1962 GP Deutschland

One of the greatest moments in the Swiss’s career was certainly the participation at the GP of Germany in 1962 with a four-cylinder Formula 1 Porsche from the Scuderia Filipinetti. He came fourteenth after starting from the fourth row in bad weather conditions. Despite some races with the works Porsche 8-Cylinder, he could not beat Lodovico Scarfiotti with his Ferrari in the European Hill Climb Championship in this year and came second after him.


Porsche RS
1963 Cesana-Sestriere

In this year, Walter drove for the Scuderia Filipinetti with his Porsche RS 60, which he had sold to the team and came second in the European Hill Climb Championship. After splitting up with Scuderia Filipinetti midseason, he was offered a works contract by Carlo Abarth lasting until the end of 1963. However, Heini Walter declined the offer because of his loyalty to Porsche. Driving a works Sunbeam and with Werner Lier as co-driver, he participated in a rally for the last time. Walter also participated in the Tour de France together with Charly Müller and his Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.


Porsche 904 GTS
1964 Schauinsland

As the Porsche RS 60 had by now gotten on a bit, a substitute was searched for. Walter bought the brand-new Porsche 904 GTS after it’s presentation. When he had an accident driving this car at the Turckheim – Trois Epis Hill Climb in the middle of the season, he had to buy a second Porsche 904 GTS due to heavy car damages. At the end of the year he could nevertheless celebrate winning the GT-European Hill Climb Championship title.

1965 - 1968

Ferrari 250 LM
1965 Sudelfeld

Porsche 910 (Start-no. 20)
1967 Wunstorf

Heini Walter, after having lunch with Enzo Ferrari, signed a contract to buy a Ferrari 250 LM, thinking that he could use it as a GT-car. However, the car was not homologised (only few copies were made). That is the reason why it was used as a sports car prototype. Driving this Ferrari, Walter took part in a lot of races until 1967. After a serious accident during the St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers Hill Climb in 1965, the top of the car was sawed off without further ado. Thus, the Ferrari LM became a Spyder for a while.


Walter used both a Porsche Carrera 6 and the Ferrari LM in races during 1966.


He bought a Porsche 910 from the Porsche factory in 1967. Driving this car, he was successful during his last year of racing. On October 1st 1967, he took part in the last race of his career in Hockenheim and came second.


In 1968, Walter intended to enter the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring again, with co-driver Tschiemer. However, following a training-accident with the Porsche Carrera 6, he was not able to start.

The end of the racing career

Sale of the Porsche Carrera 6 and Porsche 904 in front of Walter’s house in Aesch in 1968. For a long time no buyer with interest in the cars was found.

Heini Walter’s business commitments grew even bigger after his father died in 1968. Although he was very sorrowful, he decided to end his racing career of 21 years, which had meant so much to him.


During his long career, Heini Walter participated mostly in races as a privat driver and he always wanted to drive his own car. Walter needed a lot of energy to do the finances, run the business and prepare the car material during all these years. Of course there were also many other people who helped him building up his career. Some of these people should be mentioned representatively:


The parents of Heini Walter

Emil Ankli (team-manager)

Fritz Fanti (co-founder of the Ecurie Basilisk)

Alfons Degen (mechanic)

Dr. Alfred Hopf (founder of the Ecurie Hoba)

Max Rufi (team helper)

Hans Stanek (former AMAG director)


Walter received special support from his long-standing and trustful race mechanic Fritz Meyer, who helped him from the beginning and lived in the same house until Heini Walter’s death.


Heini Walter had nice and friendly relationships with some other driver colleagues, such as:  Edgar Barth, Carel Godin de Beaufort, Karl Foitek, Sepp Greger, Hans Herrmann, Arthur Heuberger, Hans Illert, Dr. Hans Kühnis, Werner Lier, Thomas Losinger, Gerhard Mitter, Engelbert Möll, Peter Monteverdi, Silvio Moser, Herbert Müller, Hermann Müller, Xavier Perrot, Kurt Sauter, Lodovico Scarfiotti, Dr. Peter Schetty, Heinz Schiller, Jo Siffert, Erwin Sommerhalder, Rico Steinemann, Rolf Stommelen, Charles Vögele und Dr. Harry Zweifel.