Heini Walter 1959 in his Porsche RSK

Heini Walter was born on July 28th 1927 in Alpthal (SZ). When he was two years old, he went to live in Aesch (BL), where he also went to school. After two years' training as a motorcycle and bicycle mechanic at the Hess company in Basel, Walter went to his parents' car, motorcycle and bicycle workshop in Aesch, where capacity for work was urgently needed during the difficult postwar period. His parents were also running a taxi and funeral company, so Heini Walter was often needed as a chauffeur. It was during these times that his passion for driving grew and he was able to develop his own style of driving. Later he successfully completed his driving instructor training and carried on with this job for several years.


In 1960 Walter took over the restaurant Hofgarten in Aesch which soon became a well-known meeting place for car racing enthusiasts. It was also the favourite haunt for members of Ecurie Basilisk, which was co-founded by Heini Walter. At the restaurant, it was possible to meet Heini Walter and talk to him, when he was not participating in races. During Walter's absence, his mother, who had a strict but loving nature, ran the restaurant. Early on, the businessman also started trading cars, which he did until the early 2000's. He also owned a small garage which was being looked after by Walter's racing-mechanic Fritz Meier. In addition, Walter worked in the real estate business during the 70's and 80's. Heini Walter died on May 12th, 2009 as one of the last exponents of a great motorsport-era.